Blue Planet Live warns about the dangers of plastic

Blue Planet Live warns about the danger of plastic feature

As you were watching Blue Planet Live this week, you might be thinking about minimizing your plastic usage, to prevent plastic pollution of our oceans.

The team gives the lowdown on the dangers of plastic, as well as some top tips on how you can be part of the solution.

How does plastic pollute our oceans?

Plastic pollutes our oceans in many ways. You might recall the classic warning image of a seabird having its neck stuck in a plastic ring, or a small fish trapped in a plastic bag.

Sadly, there are also other types of plastic that are similarly dangerous to our fragile underwater ecosystems.

Blue Planet Live Secrets that lurk in the deep plastic bag

Nurdles in the ocean

Nurdles are tiny, lentil sized pieces of plastic that are usually by-products of manufacturing processes. As a result, these pieces often end up in our oceans due poor industry handling and accidents.

Tragically, nurdles break into smaller pieces and are ingested by birds and fish alike, which can be fatal.

Blue Planet Live warns about the danger of plastic nurdles

You can join the fight against nurdles by visiting The Great Nurdle Hunt.

Microplastics in the ocean

Microplastics are made up of the polyethylene and polyester that are common in plastic shopping bags and clothing. Microplastics can also be found in your household and cosmetic products.

Unfortunately, these plastics reach the sea from waste water that we wash down the drain, as they are too small to be caught in water filtration systems.

Blue Planet Live warns about the danger of plastic microplastic

A study by the Scottish Association for Marine Science showed that 48% of even the deepest living sea creatures have plastic in them.

Luckily, there’s some good news: plastic microbeads were banned by the UK government in 2018, but there is still much work for us to do before we all go plastic-free.

Certainly, now you know the dangers of plastic, you can be one of the zero-plastic champions by shopping at!

Is it possible to lead a zero-plastic lifestyle?

It’s easy to lead a zero-plastic lifestyle if you know where to go for products that use alternatives to plastic packaging.

Blue Planet Live warns about the danger of plastic beach sample

With all this in mind, as you start to minimize plastic waste, you will begin to change your shopping habits.

Top tips to reduce plastic use in your life

Grocery shopping

  • Purchase all your non-perishable groceries in bulk! This has the added bonus that your costs will be reduced and you won’t need to go shopping as often
  • is your first stop to ensuring no plastic in both the products you purchase in bulk, as well as in the delivery process
  • Buy from your local farmer’s markets, bakers, deli, and dairies that allow you to use non-plastic containers, such as glass bottles and reusable bags

At home

Out and about

  • Only carry your lunch, snacks and drinks in reusable containers and avoid purchasing beverages that come in plastic packaging or accepting a plastic straw when you are out and about

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