More great plastic-free products now available to buy!

We added a whole host of everyday essentials to from toothbrushes through to toilet paper, making your plastic-free shopping that little bit easier. Any plastic free products you’d like us to stock that we don’t already have? Please do not hesitate to let us know by email at and we’ll do our very best to source what you need.

Bath & Beauty

We love the loose soaps from Faith in Nature, Dr Bronner, and Nova Scotia Fisherman. Plastic-free,  and packed full of essential oils to uplift and refresh you.

For washing and conditioning your hair, try these delicious vegan shampoo bars. They are sold loose, courtesy of Friendly Soap. Made with castor, coconut and olive oils. Because your skin will love you as much as the planet will.

Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar Vegan

Enjoy organic lip balms deodorants and a delicious pure organic shea butter for your skin. From Organic Essence. Using 100% uncoated post-consumer waste (PWC) paper in their range of tubes and caps. They are recycled and recyclable.

German-based vegan and natural cosmetics brand, Fair Squared, started off the back of the Make Poverty History campaign. They invite you to give your lips some love with its lip balms, packaged in a reusable tin with a cardboard sleeve. Fair Squared are Fairtrade certified and completely committed to responsible and respectful relationships across their supply chain.

With a little help from the stylish brand Zero Waste Club, your toothbrush won’t just be made of bamboo becuase you can also replace the bristles by purchasing replaceable heads! The brand also sells bamboo straws and ‘sporks’.

Simply Gentle produces a range of cosmetic, maternity and baby care products. Made from 100% certified organic cotton. The cotton buds we sell are made entirely from paper and organic cotton. Plus the packaging is similarly made from recyclable cardboard.

Plastic Free cotton buds from Simply Gentle

Sanitary Protection

Natracare offers considerate feminine hygiene products such as panty liners and sanitary products. Natracare makes their products from renewable, biodegradable, compostable and even recycled materials sometimes. Organic cotton, wood pulp and plant-based bioplastics are all used. Compared to conventional products (usually 90% plastic for instance), buying Natracare helps you reduce plastic production and pollution. This therefore helps to reduce the release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere that takes place during plastic manufacture.

Try opting for Bloom & Nora, a high quality, reusable sanitary pad bringing with it peace of mind. As it is packaged in its own waterproof storage it’s easy to take out and about. These come in either cotton or bamboo. Also in a range of 4 sizes, so you can find the ideal reusable solution.

An Ideal Brew

When it comes to your favourite brews, we have your plastic free commitment sussed.

You will surely develop a thirst for all the delicious herbal teas from Hampstead Tea, Pukka, Love Tea and Sonnentor. They use card and paper for external packaging.

Hampstead Tea was the first company in the UK to use a stitch method on its teabags.

Pukka use organic cotton string without a staple. They also print in vegetable inks so that you can safely recycle and compost the packaging. Sonnentor use biodegradable foil made from cellulose, and their teabags are made from corn starch! Similarly, Love Tea’s vegan pyramid teabags are biodegradable.

From the company who supplied the first ground coffee to be Fairtrade certified, you can rest assured with Percol, with its range of products that feature a Plastic Free Trust Mark from A Plastic Planet. The plant-based foil ensures your coffee remains reassuringly fresh. Then popped into your home composting when the packet is empty!

If you’re looking for a cool brew, look no further than the uber cool brand Minor Figures. They extract coffee using cold water to create gentle, sweet flavours in its cold coffee range. Brewed in London, all the aluminium bottles are 100% recyclable.

Cupboard Love

We source directly from one of our local beekeepers, Chain Bridge Honey They offer delicious natural lip balms in small reusable and recyclable tins; also crunchy honey mustard in a classic glass jar.

Having a chocaholic day? La Vida Vegan have a tempting range of vegan, Fairtrade and organic chocolate spreads that come in reusable and recyclable glass jars.

Scottish hero Alara, with its range of organic and gluten free Scottish porridge oats and muesli, comes packaged in completely compostable packaging. Even the inner bag is made from a durable plant-based film that breaks down during the home composting process. 

Feeling peckish? Peck at G-nuts, delicious low salt peanuts, hand-cooked in small batches which come in a recyclable glass jar, which could just as easily be used as a single stem vase!

Plastic Free Nuts

Cleaning Up

Adored by comedian Joanna Lumley OBE, Cheeky Panda offers a range of bamboo paper products that will help you in the home – from toilet roll and facial tissues, to kitchen paper and baby wipes. Naturally, the packaging that Cheeky Panda comes in is completely plastic free!

Your weekly load of laundry can be aided by BioD. A company which serves up large quantities of ecologically considerate washing powder in thick paper bags!

Plastic Free cleaning

You can also lean on soapnuts byLiving Naturally. Entirely natural, biodegradable nuts that after a few uses can be composted at home. This magical natural detergent arrives packaged in cotton bags.

Plastic Free Soapnuts from Living Naturally

Bags and Baking

For all of your baking and cleaning needs, look to If You Care. Replacing the classic kitchen foil and cling film with thoughtful products made from renewable resources. Including recycled aluminium foil, baking cups, baking sheets and brown parchment. All chlorine-free and FSC-certified. They provide compostable food waste bags, sponge cloths, paper sandwich bags and even coffee filters. The waxed unbleached paper is coated with soybean wax. While all the natural cloths and sponges are made with non-GMO cotton and cellulose.

If you want your pet pooch to go plastic free, then start with Benevo poop bags. Made from corn starch to ensure they decompose thoughtfully in the natural environment without any fossil fuels. Scent-free to avoid chemical usage, and even the packaging is made from recycled paper with water-based inks that you can recycle. 

Plastic Free Benevo bags

Danish brand Maistic produce a range of rubbish bags and cleaning materials. Completely plastic free and packaged with compostable elements made from plant-based fibre.

For help in healing small cuts and wounds, look to Patch. Packaged in cardboard and made from the renewable resource of certified organic bamboo fibre. Kind on your skin and on the environment – that’s what we love.

Sweet Treats

Want to keep breath fresh? Glee Gum  is an ideal alternative to conventional chewing gum. A natural Fairtrade peppermint gum, free from all artificial colours and flavours and packaged in a biodegradable recycled FSC approved cardboard. Or, you might wish to try out Peppersmith, with entirely plastic free little packs of mints and gum. This brand asked its customers what they wanted and recevied amazing support and suggestions for the best ways to package these gums and mints.

In addition to Fairtrade credentials, Divine Chocolate actively try to reduce and improve packaging. All the bars are packaged solely in paper that can be recycled. Divine recently committed to cutting out plastic entirely.

Hadleigh Maid makes delicious vegetarian Dark Chocolate & Coffee Truffles Walnut Whirlpool, which are also packaged in cardboard.


Find your fantastic alternatives to plastic with

All the products you order are delivered in plastic free packaging. We try to keep our delivery charges to a minimum, and hope that prices will decrease as more people are committed to and insist on a plastic free lifestyle!

Packaging Provenance Descriptions

AlaraAlara porridge oats and muesli is packaged in completely compostable packaging. The inner bag is made from a durable plant based film that you can safely put in your home composting.
BenevoBenevo uses packaging made from recycled paper with water-based inks that you can recycle. The poop bags are chemical-free and made from corn starch, which can be composted.
Bio-DThis Bio-D laundry product is packaged in simple brown paper bags, which you can recycle alongside other card and paper.
Bloom & NoraBloom & Nora is packaged in its own storage bag that you can use when you are out and about.
Chain Bridge HoneyChain Bridge Honey is packaged in a glass jar that you can reuse or recycle. Chain Bridge Honey balms are packaged in tin and sometimes glass jars that you can easily reuse or recycle.
Cheeky PandaCheeky Panda is made entirely plastic free and packaged in paper that you can recycle.
Divine ChocolateDivine Chocolate only packages its chocolate bars, advent calendars and Easter eggs in cardboard. No plastic packaging is used.
Dr BronnerDr Bronner loose soaps are packaged in recyclable cardboard.
Fair SquaredFair Squared lip balms are packaged in a tin with a recyclable cardboard sleeve.
Faith in NatureFaith in Nature loose soaps are packaged in recyclable cardboard.
Friendly SoapFriendly Soap's vegan shampoo bars are sold loose. We supply them in recycled paper or plant-based compostable bags.
G-NutsG-Nuts is packaged in glass, which you can recycle.
Glee GumGlee Gum is packaged in biodegradable recycled FSC approved cardboard.
Hadleigh MaidHadleigh Maid packages its chocolate in cardboard.
Hampstead Tea CompanyHampstead Tea Company uses solely cardboard packaging on its products. It was the first company in the UK to use a stitch method on its teabags to avoid staples, so your used teabags are safe for composting.
If You CareIf You Care products are all chemical and bleach free, made with renewable - and often recycled - materials that you can easily recycle at home.
Living NaturallySoapnuts from Living Naturally are entirely natural and are sold in a small cotton storage bag.
La Vida VeganLa Vida Vegan is packaged in a recyclable glass jar.
Love TeaLove Tea is packaged in recyclable cardboard, and its pyramid bag are biodegradable and can safely be put in your compost bin.
MaisticMaistic products are completely plastic free and packaged with compostable elements made from plant-based fibre.
Minor FiguresMinor Packages its drinks in completely plastic free, recyclable aluminium cans.
NatracareNatracare only uses renewable, biodegradable and compostable materials, such as organic cotton, wood pulp and plant-based bioplastics for both its product and packaging.
Nova Scotia FishermanNova Scotia Fisherman soaps are packaged in a recyclable cardboard sleeve. Nova Scotia Fisherman rescue balm is packaged in a recyclable and reusable tin.
Organic EssenceThe Organic Essence range is packaged in tubes and caps made from 100% uncoated post-consumer waste paper that you can also recycled.
PatchPatch is packaged in recyclable cardboard. The product is also biodegradable.
PeppersmithPeppersmith is entirely plastic free, and packaged in recyclable cardboard.
PercolPercol is guaranteed to be plastic free. Even the inner foil bag which ensures your coffee bean stay fresh is made of a plant-based film that you can safely compost.
PukkaPukka uses recyclable cardboard that has been printed in vegetable inks. Its tea bags use an organic cotton string so that you can safely compost the tea bags.
Simply GentleSimply Gentle cotton buds are produced with paper stems and recyclable cardboard packaging to avoid plastic.
SonnentorSonnentor packages its herbal teas in biodegradable film made from cellulose, and its teabags made from corn starch, which you can safely put in your compost bin.

Whilst we take every effort to give an accurate description of product packaging above, the manufacturers can on occasion change product and packaging information without our knowing.

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