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We’ve put together a collection of cracking Christmas baking recipes below that use ingredients you can get right here at, helping you to keep your Christmas spirits up and your plastic use down.

Nut Roast with Herb Stuffing

5 nut roast with herb stuffing

Nut Roast for celebrating. Why not try this delicious mixed nut roast for Christmas or any celebratory dinner? Use your favourite nut or use a mixture of lots of your favourites. Cashew nuts work very well.

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Twelfth Night Cake – Traditional French Cake

Traditional French Twelfth Night Cake

Twelfth Night Cake, eaten in France on Twelfth Night (6th January) which traditionally marks the end of the Christmas celebrations and is the time for taking down all those sparkly decorations. In France there is a medieval tradition of baking a cake containing a dried bean. You can be king or queen for the evening if you get the piece of cake with the bean in. If you are doing the baking make sure you discreetly mark where the bean is because then you can be crowned with a paper crown. You will be all powerful and can demand favours and forfeits from the guests.

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Christmas Pudding Gluten Free & Wheat Free

Christmas Puddings

Christmas pudding – have you loved it in the past but now find that you can’t eat it due to gluten intolerance? You really should try making this delicious Christmas pudding without gluten or wheat.

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Gingerbread Christmas Decorations

gingerbread Christmas decorations

Decorate your tree with beautiful gingerbread Christmas decorations. This gingerbread dough is firm enough for tree decorations Why not let the kids cut out their favourite shapes and decorate with icing and sprinkles.

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